Thursday, November 3, 2011

Color Highlights

Want a quick change to your hairstyle, but don't want to get it cut?  Why not try getting some highlights.  Well-placed highlights throughout your hair have the affect of brightening up your face, making you appear younger and thinner. Dull hair color can be instantly boosted with highlights. Check out many different shades of blonde, chestnut, caramel and more.

Add even more dimension by getting low-lights (darker hair color that your natural color) mixed in with the highlights. Check out more color highlights and get ideas.

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  1. The key to great, natural-looking highlights, say experts, is knowing what shades will work best with your hair color. To get the inside scoop, we turned to hair colorist Marco Pelusi, owner of Marco Pelusi Hair Studio, Inc. in West Hollywood, Calif. Here are his best tips on how to get the right highlight shades for every hair color (even jet black, for all of you goth queens out there). MOre info