Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Short Hair Styles

Getting a short hair cut can be very scary, especially if you have never had short hair before.  I remember when I was in 7th grade and had very long-middle of my back-hair and I decided that I just had to get a cute short hair cut--back then it was the Dorothy Hamill look.

Boy was I very disappointed.  It wasn't that the hair style looked bad or anything.  It was the fact that I was very comfortable with my long hair and it was almost a sort of security blanket.  And when I cut it all off, that security was gone.

It took awhile to get used to the fact that I had short hair.  I wasn't very good at styling it, so on some days it didn't look all that great. 

The moral to the story is, don't do anything drastic to your hair or you may not like it or be totally disappointed.

Now, I won't go any shorter with my hair length than my shoulders, even though I see all these great new short styles that I like.  I always take in a picture of a short hair style that I really like and just ask the stylist to do the same hair cut, except shoulder length.

For more great short styles, visit www.hairresources.com, www.hrhairstyles.com, and www.hairzingers.com