Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hayden Panattiere Best Hair Style This Week July 17, 2006

Hayden Panattier Hair Styles


Hayden Panattiere is this week's best hair style.  She shows us how to wear a headband and look great.  She has long layers in her hair style that she has back combed slightly to create volume.  Also, she has left out a few wispy strands in the front and sides.  The headband is pinned in place past the ears.

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Saturday, July 8, 2006

Jennifer Aniston Best Hair Style of Week July 10, 2006

Jennifer Aniston has always had great hair styles.  Sometimes you just have it, or you have the best hair stylist!

This week, her hair style has been selected as the best style in town.  The long wavy, hair has shine, beautiful color and looks to be very healthy.

Jennifer--We're all jealous and we want to know your styling secrets!

Keira Knightley Best Hair Style July 3

Keira Knightley curly, messy updo hair style 


Keira is wearing a slightly messy updo hair style that screams 'romantic', especially when combined with her elegant dress. 

Create this style on your own by pulling most of your hair into a low pony tail and twisting into a chignon. Then one by one, pin small sectiosn of hair into the chignon. 

Leave out a few strands around the face for added effect.

Looks Fabulous!

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