Friday, November 10, 2006

Best Short Hair Styles Feature

Short hair styles come in many shapes and sizes. Check out the best short hair styles today in our feature presentation.


Celebrity Hair Styles Each Week

The best celebrity hair styles are selected each week.  Below are all the styles for the last 2 months.  Be sure to follow the links to see the photos.

Sept. 4: Jessica Simpson Bob--she chopped off her hair and went for a medium length bob

Sept. 11: Sarah Jessica Parker--Long, beautiful style that suits her face shape
Sept. 18 Lindsay Lohan--Long hair style

Sept. 25 Naomi Watts - Layered look

Oct. 2 Debra Messing- long retro curls

Oct. 9 Drew Barrymore - Brown color, long

Oct. 16 Victoria Beckham - new medium length choppy hair

Oct. 23 Cameron Diaz-new long layered brown hair style

Oct. 30 Mischa Barton- new long straight style with long bangs

Nov. 6 Sharon Stone- long, straight and sleek

Monday, September 11, 2006

Mariska Hargitay Hair Styles

Mariska Hargitay Hair Styles

Mariska is starting the trendy comeback of the medium length all over curly hair style.  She is this week's (August 28) selection for Best Hair Style.

See her glamorous medium length style that features long layering and great use of highlights and lowlights to offset her facial features and skin color.

Mariska Hargitay Hair Styles

Christina Aguilera Hair Styles

Christina Aguilera Hair Styles

Christina is moving over to main-stream as this weeks (AUgust 21 ) Best Hair Style selection!  Her bouncy, blonde hair style looks fabulous and very shiny and very sexy..

Create these bouncy locks on your own with the help of a curling iron, hot rollers or even velcro rollers.

Get more details on her hair at

Dixie Chicks Hair Styles

Dixie Chicks Hair Styles

The Dixie Chicks have selected for a group Best Hair Styles of the week for August 14.

All three hair styles look fabulous: long, wavy hair style, partial updo and slightly messy updo hair styles.

You can copy these styles very easily.  For more detailed information on each style, visit the Dixie Chicks page at:

David Beckman Hair Styles

David Beckman is selected as the best hair style for August 7, 2006

His style features longer layers on the top and shorter layers on the sides and back.  Create this style on your own by applying a styling gel throughout the hair.  Blow dry the hair using your fingers to shape and position the hair.

For more detailed information on his hair style, visit

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Eva Longoria Hair Styles

Eva Longoria Hair Styles

Eva Longoria is an excellent example of a long layered hair style.  If you notice in the photo, her long layers start at around chin level.  Her hair is slightly wavy all over.

Create this style on your own by applying a styling cream all over and blow-drying the hair using a large round brush.  Direct all layers down and under.  Add soft waves throughout with a medium barrel curling iron.

Spritz the hair with a shine serum to seal in the shiny locks.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Johnny Depp Hair style

Johnny Depp long, layered hair style
Johnny Depp has been selected as this week's best hair style.  His style features long layering throughout the hair.  To create this style on your own you will need some hair care products to help with the styling.

Visit the Johnny Depp Hair Style page for complete details and up-to-date info on his hair. 

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hayden Panattiere Best Hair Style This Week July 17, 2006

Hayden Panattier Hair Styles


Hayden Panattiere is this week's best hair style.  She shows us how to wear a headband and look great.  She has long layers in her hair style that she has back combed slightly to create volume.  Also, she has left out a few wispy strands in the front and sides.  The headband is pinned in place past the ears.

Check out different options for headbands on Hayden Panattiere Hair Styles Page.

Saturday, July 8, 2006

Jennifer Aniston Best Hair Style of Week July 10, 2006

Jennifer Aniston has always had great hair styles.  Sometimes you just have it, or you have the best hair stylist!

This week, her hair style has been selected as the best style in town.  The long wavy, hair has shine, beautiful color and looks to be very healthy.

Jennifer--We're all jealous and we want to know your styling secrets!

Keira Knightley Best Hair Style July 3

Keira Knightley curly, messy updo hair style 


Keira is wearing a slightly messy updo hair style that screams 'romantic', especially when combined with her elegant dress. 

Create this style on your own by pulling most of your hair into a low pony tail and twisting into a chignon. Then one by one, pin small sectiosn of hair into the chignon. 

Leave out a few strands around the face for added effect.

Looks Fabulous!

See more of Keira Knightley Hair Styles

Monday, June 12, 2006

Best hair style this week, June 12, 2006

Jenna Elfman Hair Styles

This week's hair style was selected because it is a combination of the messy updo and the partial updo. We'll call it the Messy Partial Updo.

Hair styles description: Jenna has most of the hair in the crown are pulled loosely back into a pony tail. Long, wispy bangs are left out of the pony tail, creating a very smoldering, sexy look.

To create this style on your own, first apply a curl-enhancing creme or gel throughout damp hair. Next, blow-dry the hair using a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. Use you fingers to direct the hair. When the hair is dry, apply a heat protectant product to the hair.

Next, add curls throughout the hair using either hot rollers or various sizes of curling irons. Let hair completely cool after removing the hot rollers/curling iron.

Take the hair in the crown area--from ear to ear and loosely pull it back into a low ponytail. Use a comb, or even your fingers to pull out some long bangs in the front. Position the hair the way that you want it and apply a finishing hair spray to seal the look.

This sophisticated, sexy hair style looks awesome for formal occasions. For more examples of the messy updo and partial updos, visit the Prom Hair Styles Center.
Until next week!

Have a great hair week!

Best Hair Style This Week- June 5, 2006

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves Hair Styles

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves will release a film this summer called The Lake House.  And if their hair styles are any indication of how great the movie will be, then it will be a box office hit.

Sandra has a medium-length hair style that features long layers.  My guess is that she has very thick hair and needed the long layering to get her hair to lay smooth.

To create this style on your own, first apply a styling product and/or a heat protectant.  Begin blow-drying the hair and use a large round brush to direct the layers down and under.  Part the hair slightly off-center.

Create smooth hair by running a flat iron from the roots to the ends, smoothing all the long layers down and under. Finally, finish the style by applying a finishing and shine spray.

Keanu also has a great hair style.  The length is slightly longer than a short hair style, but not quite a medium hair style.  The hair is layered and slightly longer in the crown area. 

To create this style on your own, apply a styling creme or gel throughout the hair.  Blow-dry the hair and use your fingers to direct the layers and hair into position.

In short, if you want to get a great summer hair style, look to Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves for two great examples of a good  and flattering hair styles.

 Have a great hair week!

Best Hair Style this Week, May 30, 2006

Best Hair Style of The Week- May 30, 2006

This week we have selected two hair styles instead of one. Both of these hair styles have become very popular. They are Katherine McPhee and Taylor Hicks. Taylor is the winner of the 2006 American Idol competition on Fox, and Katherine is the runner up.

Katherine McPhee: The long curly hair is very much in style and Katherine has made it even more popular. She has mentioned that she had hair extensions attached at some point and just loves the way her hair looks.

To create the Katherine McPhee hair style, you will need to apply a curl-enhancing creme or gel throughout the hair. Then use a blow-dryer with a diffuser attached. Dry the hair using your fingers, or even a large round brush. To add the curls, you can use several different curling irons of varying thickness throughout the hair. The different sizes will help create distinct curls. Or, you could use hot rollers or even velcro rollers to create the curls.

Some methods for creating the curls will take longer to do, or require more skill. So, it really depends what you are comfortable with and how much time you have. For optimum results, just make an appointment at your favorite salon and let the professionals do the work!

Taylor Hicks: Taylor has made gray hair popular. While most people are coloring their hair every month to cover the gray, Taylor is embracing the gray color. Of course, men can get away with the gray hair more than women can. To create the Taylor Hicks hair style, you should apply a styling gel throughout the hair and blow dry the hair normal. It may be helpful to brush the hair in one direction while blow-drying to help it stay in place.

Until next Monday! Have a great Hair Week!

New Hair Styles this Week

New Celebrity Hair Styles

This week(May 22, 2006) there are 11 new celebrity photo additions. The celebrities are selected based on the uniqueness of their hair styles. We try to include a big variety of looks to give you the best ideas for your own hair.

Below is a summary of the celebrity hair styles added

  1. Lindsey Lohan, partial updo

  2. Eva Longoria, long hair style

  3. Nich Lachey, medium men's hair style

  4. Jennifer Lopez, messy updo

  5. Ashton Kutcher, mystery hair style

  6. Jon Bon Jovi, long layered men's hair style

  7. Teri Hatcher, long wavy, layered hair style

  8. Avril Lavigne, extra long curly blonde hair style

  9. Shakira, straight, partial updo hair style

  10. Salma Hayek, long, slightly wavy hair style

  11. Martha Stewart, medium length layered hair style

If you visit the various sections at, you will be able get specific styling instructions for these new hair style additions.

Have a great hair week!


Hair Styles Weekly Monitor by HR Hair Styles

Best Hair Style May 22, 2005

This week's Best Hair Style was selected because it is totally different than all the long, curly or straight hair styles you see today. The hair style features lots of layering and is medium in length.

Martha Stewart Hair Styles
Not only is she the queen of cooking (and everything else) but this week she receives the Best Hair Style of the week award.

Her medium length hair style (also seen at features many long layers, starting around the cheekbone level.

Her bangs are kept long and are side-swept. The crown area has a little height in it and the part is on the far side, and somewhat undefined.

The angles and layers offers a great frame for her face shape and brings out the best of her features. Color and highlights also play a factor in the way the hair style frames her face.

To create this style, apply a volumizing product and blow dry using a round brush. Use the round brush to create a little volume in the crown area.

Finish off the style by running a flat iron from roots to ends and add shine serum. For a variation of this style, flip the ends up slightly with the flat iron.

For extra help in keeping certain strands in place, apply pomade where needed.
In short, medium hair styles that look good or are different than the typical straight look are hard to find. Martha Stewart's hair looks very unique and does a great job of framing and accentuating facial features in a good way.

For a look at more celebrities and their current hair styles, visit

Best Hair Styles of the Week by Hair Resources Hair Styles