Thursday, September 17, 2009

Short Hairstyles - Are you going short?

As the editor of Hair Resources, I review keyword reports for many different sites.  One of the most popular keywords on a few sites is 'short hairstyles'  Everyone is searching for short hairstyle recently.  Does this mean that a lot of women are planning to go short?

There are many short hairstyles today that look very modern and edgy.  They have the ease of style with the classy look. Take for example, Katie Holmes- see photo left.  Katie is constantly changing the shape and form of her short hairstyle.  This style features hair ending a few inches below the chin with lots of choppy layers added throughout.    The bangs are cut somewhat choppy and end at the eyebrows.  She is sticking with the dark brown hairstyle that works well with her coloring and facial features.  See Katie Holmes Hairstyles

Many women would love to have this type of short hairstyle, but are a little skeptical of how it would actually look on them.  A great way to try out a short hairstyle, without actually gettin gyour hair cut, is to use online virtual hairstyling software.  This software allows you to upload your own photo and try the hairstyle on your own photo.  You can see exactly what you will look like.  It's a great option if you are on the fence about a certain style.  If you see how it looks and you like the look, you can schedule your haircut appointment and remain calm.  See more great celebrity hairstyles.

Try thousands of hairstyles, makeup colors & accessories on your own photo!

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